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Xpand was created due to the misfortunate creator, Chuck Harris, would face when he contracted West Nile Virus in 2015. One of the symptoms he experienced was the swelling of his feet thought the day. The simple task of tying his shoes became painful - and with that, an idea was born. 

Chuck Harris created a system to secure shoes with two elastic laces, allowing for a breathable, comfortable snug fit. Xpand Laces remove hot spots and pressure point aggravation, while remaining a perfect fit, every time! Thee innovative anchor mechanism removes the need to ever tie your shoes again, but still keeping the fit snug and comfortable! 

Xpand recognizes the importance of goodwill and giving back to our communities through charitable donations and social awareness. Working with organizations such as First Book Canada gives them the opportunity to help those in need, and they are focused on continuing similar initiatives in the future. 

Put your best foot forward with Xpand Laces!