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ProtectionPro is an on demand device protection program powered by MADICO, one of the world's leading manufacturers of window film, casting, metabolizing, and laminate solutions. In their partnership with Solutions2Go, MADICO has developed a bleeding-edge program that allows retailers to offer their guests a cost-effective, custom device protection solution. ProtectionPro eliminates the need to carry protective screen inventory and allows the retailer to have a screen protection solution within hours of new mobile device models hitting the street. 

ProtectionPro offers the finest layer of protective surface covering for every mobile device in the market - all manufacturers, all sizes, and shapes. From phones to tablets to mobile gaming devices, ProtectionPro offers a custom, durable, sensitive, and military tough level of protection for your screen. 

Incredible resiliency... dynamic styles... minuscule inventory...  incredible margin

ProtectionPro is the leading retail solution for the next generation of mobile device protection!!