Midwest Organics, Inc., founded in 2015, is an agronomy soil based company concentrating on organic amendments to benefit soils. Midwest Organics founders have over 30 years experience in the agronomy world. Midwest Organics eventually developed a patent process on coconut to create an absorbent material for soils. The original coconut product was designed to be a soil amendment. Due to the findings of how much liquid the coconut could hold, the thought came for spill clean up. 

The owners background is in racing - and it was soon after that the idea for Magic Dry was created. They then decided to embark on the journey of refining the product to make it acceptable in the consumer market. After many months of testing in real households, shops, and events, Magic Dry was introduced online and promoted along with the NHRA.

Our next revelation was CatSpot. It all started in an old barn, where nature intervened and helped us discover CatSpot Litter. Our days started early, grinding coconut shells and various raw materials to make blends of organic fertilizer. One day, we noticed a neighboring cat walk across a small pasture into the old barn, past several other materials, straight to the coconut to do his business. After further inspection, we realized the cat had been there before, yet there was no smell at all. 

The light bulb went off! We had a great product right in front of our eyes. The raw organic coconut pile had become the "Cat's Spot" in the old barn. Now Midwest Organics is proud  to bring CatSpot organic cat littler to the market! 

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