The 1441 Group possesses a very unique level of experience in bringing products and programs to market. With over 60 years of retail sales management experience and having overseen billions of dollar of successful trade, The 1441 Group is ready to assist any aspiring manufacturer in developing a sound, sustainable to-market strategy. 

For partners who are not quite ready to engage retail with finished product, but are looking for guidance to that end goal, The 1441 Group offers consulting services based on availability and level of the project's development. 

‚ÄčConsulting services exist to provide a manufacturer with direction in completing their product offering, taking into account the Four Factors of successful retail supply: Brand Equity, Market Roster, Program Structure, and Logistics. The 1441 Group assists partners in the consulting phase on any area of need from packaging to marketing plans to sourcing. 

Rates are available for consulting services by contacting The 1441 Group, and availability of consulting services is based on seasonality and demand. 

Flexible & Adaptive consulting solutions

SMALL BATCH SALES & channel management