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A 1999 Graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Mr. Stiegelmeyer began his sales career at the age of thirteen, as a concessions vendor, working the aisles of the University of Kentucky's famed Rupp Arena. After graduating from Northern Kentucky University in 1999 with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, he re-entered the sales world. After a successful tenure as a sales manager with PCFS / Provident Bank, Mr. Stiegelmeyer joined Jack of All Games in 2003. Within 12 months of entering the video game industry as an account manager, Mr. Stiegelmeyer built a personal portfolio of over $75MM in annual sales. He successfully took on the roles of sales manager, sales director, and VP of sales within the video game industry across the next decade, managing or facilitating over $1BB in sales in that time. With experience at the highest levels of retail and distribution program management, marketing, and purchasing, Mr. Stiegelmeyer has the knowledge to help the partners of The 1441 Group create impactful and sustainable business models. He has a passion for building true partnership, establishing long-term sales goals, and driving projects end to end.

The 1441 Group is about teamwork, hard work, and above all - family. That family exists within and beyond the organization. The families that support the group members, the family of associates that help us cover North American retail, our family of dynamic suppliers, and our family of valued retail partners that form the backbone of our network. At the center of this extended family, are '14' and the '41' who live and breathe the business every day.

The 1441 Group is in the business of building doors for the products, people, and organizations driven to engage opportunity.  Our network of relationships throughout the North American retail, distribution, and speciality channels is the key to connecting products into critical markets.  Our wealth of experience in building multi-million dollar sales programs from the ground up, and managing them through completion, is the key in creating sustainable, profitable sales systems for our partners. Our belief is that a "small batch" approach to product program architecture is the best way to provide value and deliver results for our chosen partners.  And it's our passion for victory and unrivaled tenacity that is the key to ensuring our partners have the best in class sales and marketing guidance they need to succeed in today's fiercely competitive climate.

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THE '14 AND THE 41'

"If opportunity doesn't 

knock, build a door."

 -Milton Berle

With a retail career that began in 1975 working as a salesman for Elmex Toy Distributors, David Rosenbaum has carved a legacy of sales excellence for four decades. After a successful campaign with Elmer, Mr. Rosenbaum spent 1983-89 as President of Associated Independent Distributors, building the company from $900K to $53MM in the toy industry. Considered one of the 'pioneers' of the video game industry, Mr. Rosenbaum is credited with founding Jack of All Games, Inc. in 1989. Jack of All Games grew into the largest video game distribution company in North America, with sales exceeding $450MM and landing on the Inc. 500 list in 1997. After selling Jack of All Games to Take Two Interactive in 2004, Mr. Rosenbaum enjoyed the new challenge of building Zoo Interactive from a start-up in 2006 to a $60MM video game publisher in a span of under 5 years. With a wealth of experience at the highest levels of manufacturing, distribution, finance, and marketing, Mr. Rosenbaum merges with his tremendous passion of building business at retail, to bring a unique and invaluable perspective to the partners of The 1441 Group. A 1974 graduate of the University of Cincinnati and former scholarship baseball pitcher at UC and the University of Toledo, Mr. Rosenbaum is a lifelong baseball aficionado and still brings the competitive fire from his athletic career to The 1441 Group every day.

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